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  • 12 Tips For Surviving The Dietetic Internship

    February 25, 2020 by

    All right, baby RD2Be’s. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either A) freaked out about your impending internship or B) freaked out about your current internship. I feel you, and I am right there with you. As an introvert and someone who gets exhausted being around people all day, the internship has been a… Read more

  • The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 3

    January 22, 2020 by

    So this is the week of internship that finally almost killed me! Let’s talk, friends. Here’s the thing about the dietetic internship – there are no sick days. We’re really lucky that the program at Life U gives us a some really generous vacation breaks for major holidays, but many programs don’t. It’s unrealistic and… Read more

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