How I Passed The RD Exam (With 2 Weeks Of Studying)

Alright friends, here is the blog post I have been looking forward to writing for the last five years – how to pass the mother-loving Registered Dietitian credentialing exam! If you’re reading this right now, you are probably stressed out, full of anxiety, and really freaking ready to be done with studying. I feel youContinue reading “How I Passed The RD Exam (With 2 Weeks Of Studying)”

How To Start Building A Private Practice During Your Dietetic Internship

Do you have dreams of owning your own private practice one day in the far, far away future? What if you could start taking steps towards building that practice right now? As dietetic students and interns, we’re often told we must gain experience elsewhere before we enter into private practice. I’d like to lovingly suggestContinue reading “How To Start Building A Private Practice During Your Dietetic Internship”

12 Tips For Surviving The Dietetic Internship

All right, baby RD2Be’s. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either A) freaked out about your impending internship or B) freaked out about your current internship. I feel you, and I am right there with you. As an introvert and someone who gets exhausted being around people all day, the internship has been aContinue reading “12 Tips For Surviving The Dietetic Internship”

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 3

So this is the week of internship that finally almost killed me! Let’s talk, friends. Here’s the thing about the dietetic internship – there are no sick days. We’re really lucky that the program at Life U gives us a some really generous vacation breaks for major holidays, but many programs don’t. It’s unrealistic andContinue reading “The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 3”

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 2

Hello there friends! This week of food service was absolute madness because we had our big holiday party which meant lots of last minute running around, putting out fires, and waking up (extra) early. So far food service has been much better than I thought it would be, and much of that is due toContinue reading “The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 2”

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 1

All right I’ll be honest – food service is the rotation that I’ve been kind of dreading. I’m not into food service (like most of us dietetic interns), and I really just had no idea what to expect. BUT, here’s the awesome part – I’m completing my food service rotation at the same facility whereContinue reading “The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Food Service Week 1”

5 Myths About Food Service Dietetics Dispelled

Okay, honesty time – I dreaded my food service rotation more than any other, and I suffered restlessly through each and every one of my food service classes during undergrad. And know I wasn’t alone in this, because food service is well-known as the redheaded stepchild of dietetics (is that term offensive yet? Seems likeContinue reading “5 Myths About Food Service Dietetics Dispelled”

Top 8 Podcasts for Long Commutes

Confession: I used to have major road rage. My biggest triggers were slow drivers and people who tailgate – ironically, I would tailgate people who drove slow and drive slow in front of people who tailgated. AHHH, so mature. All I can say is THANK YOU PODCASTS, because now I kind of sort of almostContinue reading “Top 8 Podcasts for Long Commutes”

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: LTAC Week 1

Before we get started, what is LTAC??? This is a term I heard thrown around a lot in my clinical rotations and I finally found out it stands for Long Term Acute Care. Patients who need significant medical support for an extended period of time go to LTAC, so the people here are typically onContinue reading “The Life of a Dietetic Intern: LTAC Week 1”

Clinicals Week 7 & 8

Well folks, that’s a wrap for my first clinical rotation as a dietetic intern! I’m genuinely sad that it’s over because I really grew to enjoy working with the RDs and patients at my hospital. BUT, that is the nature of the internship, right? The last two weeks of clinicals was crazy hectic because IContinue reading “Clinicals Week 7 & 8”

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