12 Tips For Surviving The Dietetic Internship

All right, baby RD2Be’s. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either A) freaked out about your impending internship or B) freaked out about your current internship. I feel you, and I am right there with you. As an introvert and someone who gets exhausted being around people all day, the internship has been aContinue reading “12 Tips For Surviving The Dietetic Internship”

5 Myths About Food Service Dietetics Dispelled

Okay, honesty time – I dreaded my food service rotation more than any other, and I suffered restlessly through each and every one of my food service classes during undergrad. And know I wasn’t alone in this, because food service is well-known as the redheaded stepchild of dietetics (is that term offensive yet? Seems likeContinue reading “5 Myths About Food Service Dietetics Dispelled”

Top 8 Podcasts for Long Commutes

Confession: I used to have major road rage. My biggest triggers were slow drivers and people who tailgate – ironically, I would tailgate people who drove slow and drive slow in front of people who tailgated. AHHH, so mature. All I can say is THANK YOU PODCASTS, because now I kind of sort of almostContinue reading “Top 8 Podcasts for Long Commutes”

What You (Really) Need For Clinical Rotations

During my first 6 weeks of clinical rotations, I hauled a big bag full of books with me every day to the hospital. I may have looked like a total dork but guess what? If I didn’t know something, I was able to easily look it up! My motto is if I have a question,Continue reading “What You (Really) Need For Clinical Rotations”

Writing a Personal Statement

One of the hardest parts of the DICAS application – okay, THE hardest part – is the personal statement. I wasn’t exactly sure what to write at first, and it felt like my story was way too complicated and long to fit into 1000 words. Depending on your writing style, you may have trouble evenContinue reading “Writing a Personal Statement”

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