The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Clinicals Week 4

I CANNOT believe I have just completed my first month of my dietetic internship! I’m a pretty adaptable person (just give me a few days and I’ll get used to most things), so I have to keep reminding myself that I am so fortunate to be having this experience and how hard I’ve worked to […]

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Clinicals Week 3

Another week of clinicals in the books! Everyone said it would fly by and they were 100% right. I can’t believe Monday starts my fourth week of the internship. I’m really soaking in the experience but I won’t lie, I’m also excited that it’s going by so quickly! On Monday, my fellow interns and I […]

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Clinicals Week 2

Another week in paradise! If you’re an RD2Be and terrified of the internship, please don’t be – it’s exciting and you learn so many new skills. As you’ll hear one million more times from everyone who’s been through the internship, just keep an open mind and be flexible! Week 2 of my clinical rotations started […]

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Orientation Week 2

This week was crazy y’all … lots of emotions, lots of knowledge, lots of wine. Let’s get into it! Week two consisted of our second and last week of orientation before heading out on rotations (!!!). Much of the first couple of days consisted of a refresher on malnutrition and nutrition focused physical exams, and […]

The Life of a Dietetic Intern: Orientation Week 1

In undergrad, I consumed every bit of information I could find about the dietetic internship, and I STILL felt like I had no idea what to expect. Part of this is because every internship program is so different, and everyone’s experience is different. Another part of it is that all anyone talks about are their […]